About Engagex Appointment Setting Services

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Dedicated to Your Success

With more than a decade of experience in setting policy review appointments for insurance agents, Engagex is the industry’s leading provider of outsourced appointments setting. In fact, we set over 250,000 policy review appointments each year!

Doing business with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, our world-class contact center, second-to-none work force, and cutting-edge technology make us the vendor of choice for some of the nation’s most successful agents.

Through our proprietary technology, our team becomes a seamless extension of your office as we identify insurable interest and create sellable opportunities.

Our Callers

Our callers focus on qualities of consistency, responsibility, and accountability when communicating with your customers. We take to heart that we represent your agency. We implement continual one-on-one and group trainings in addition to highly monitored success standard to ensure quality performance. The diverse backgrounds of our callers allow us to provide calling services in multiple languages. Our script meets DNC requirements.

We Use a Team Approach

Some vendors assign a single caller to servicing your account. At Engagex, we take the team approach. Why?

  • It’s less expensive for customers. Our proprietary software enables us to efficiently spread our volume of calls over hundreds of callers without compromising quality. The result: better value for your agency.
  • Your account never has any downtime. With the team approach, we ensure that our company is always working on your behalf. Besides, assigning a single caller leaves you subject to all the problems of handling your calls in house. What if your caller is sick or takes a leave of absense? How about if they are simply a bad caller and struggle to make the dials? In our experience, the team approach is the only way to go.
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