The Agency Thrive Program

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At Engagex, we have over a decade of experience working with insurance agents and have been able to identify what makes an agency successful. We’ve developed a program to share our knowledge with you called The Agency Thrive Program. The Agency Thrive Program is a bundle of products and services intended to help you improve the value of your insurance agency.

The Agency Thrive Program includes:

Policy Review Appointment Setting

We have spent years developing processes and systems that make us super effective at setting appointments. We call your existing clients and schedule appointments for customer insurance review meetings so you can sell more policies. Frankly, we are just more efficient and affordable than any other method for scheduling appointments.

Resource Documents and Worksheets

As you work to implement a customer insurance review program, you will find that using these documents make your office more organized and your customer meetings more effective. Get access to documents like a customer needs assessment form, a customer insurance review checklist, and more.

Customer Insurance Review Training

Get exclusive access to training videos to walk you step-by-step through the basics of conducting customer insurance reviews properly, so you can gather the necessary information to sell new policies. Learn the process used by the nation’s most successful agents, train your new staff members, or just refresh your knowledge.

Appointment Setting for Insurance Agents

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Customer insurance review meetings provide the perfect opportunity for you to gather valuable information by reviewing customer needs and coverage. This information fuels future sales opportunities. Agents who regularly meet with their current customers write up to 72% more policies than agents who don’t. We make meeting with a large volume of your customers easy by setting the appointments for you.

Features of Engagex Appointment Setting

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  • When we call, the caller ID displays your agency name along with your local area code
  • Our callers use a script approved by major corporate offices
  • We offer replacements for appointments that no-show
  • We provide standard services in English and Spanish
  • We make reminder calls the day before each appointment
  • Our one-of-a-kind agent portal puts you in control of managing your schedule conflicts, appointment times, customer names, and program success
  • Many corporate offices offer a subsidy or cost sharing for our services to make them even more affordable

Our Simple Appointment Setting Process

1. Select an appointment package that fits your needs.
2. Set up your available appointment times in the agent portal calendar.
3. Upload the list of customers you would like us to contact to the agent portal.
4. Sit back while our call team sets appointments on your behalf.

Customer Insurance Review Training

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Over the years, we have worked with thousands of insurance agents and have used their feedback and advice to develop a training program for insurance agents. We are endorsed by some of the largest insurance companies in the world because we share an understanding of what makes agents successful. You can use our Customer Insurance Review Training Videos to:


Get On-Demand Training


Get More Referrals


Sell New Policies


Train Staff Members


Improve Client Retention


Improve Agency Value

Insurance Tools and Worksheets

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To be as effective as possible when conducting customer insurance review meetings, you should have a set process in place. To help you in that goal, we have created several documents and worksheets to make your communications with clients run more smoothly, including:

HO - Customer Surveys

Customer Needs Assessment Form


Customer Insurance Review Roadmap


Customer Insurance Review Summary


Customer Insurance Review Worksheet


Referral Program Starter Ideas


Customer Insurance Review Checklist


Online Agent Portal Dashboard

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Agency Thrive Program Packages*

*Please note that for some carriers, we provide other package options. Some carriers provide subsidies or discounted pricing for their agents to buy appointment setting services, so your actual price may be lower than shown above. To get detailed information, please contact us.

Starter Package

  • Policy Review Training
  • Tools and Worksheets
  • 50 Names Appt. Setting

$249 / Month

Mid Book Package

  • Policy Review Training
  • Tools and Worksheets
  • 100 Names Appt. Setting

$449 / Month

Large Book Package

  • Policy Review Training
  • Tools and Worksheets
  • 150 Names Appt. Setting

$599/ Month

“You guys have set all my policy review appointments for five of six years, and I sell half of my policies on them. 50% of my revenue comes from you guys setting appointments for me! That’s a huge statement to put out there, but it’s 100% true.”

Jack Jameson – Casper, WY

Stop setting your own customer policy review appointments. Our expert callers, one-of-a-kind tools, and painless processes make getting appointments easier than ever. We make the appointments. You grow your agency.

To find out more about Engagex Appointment Setting Services visit our information page, or give us a call (800) 515-8734