Agency Thrive Program Packages*

*Please note that for some carriers, we provide other package options. Some carriers provide subsidies or discounted pricing for their agents to buy appointment setting services, so your actual price may be lower than shown above. To get detailed information, please contact us.

Starter Package

  • Policy Review Training
  • Tools and Worksheets
  • 50 Names Appt. Setting

$249 / Month

Mid Book Package

  • Policy Review Training
  • Tools and Worksheets
  • 100 Names Appt. Setting

$449 / Month

Large Book Package

  • Policy Review Training
  • Tools and Worksheets
  • 150 Names Appt. Setting

$599/ Month

“You guys have set all my policy review appointments for five of six years, and I sell half of my policies on them. 50% of my revenue comes from you guys setting appointments for me! That’s a huge statement to put out there, but it’s 100% true.”

Jack Jameson – Casper, WY

Stop setting your own customer policy review appointments. Our expert callers, one-of-a-kind tools, and painless processes make getting appointments easier than ever. We make the appointments. You grow your agency.

To find out more about Engagex Appointment Setting Services visit our information page, or give us a call (800) 515-8734